• Q. What makes urgent care different from my primary physician?

    A. Urgent care is aimed at providing attention to immediate medical illnesses and injuries that cannot wait for an appointment. With your permission, our urgent care, walk-in clinics work collaboratively with your primary care physician to ensure that your doctor knows why you were seen by our doctors, particularly during times when s/he was not available. Most primary care physicians promote urgent care for after hour treatment and weekend treatment when their offices are closed and they don't want their patients waiting long hours in an emergency room. Our urgent care centers offer a viable option for medical treatment by administering in house treatment for issues ranging from dehydration to minor strains, sprains, fractures, burns, and cuts.

  • Q. Who benefits from urgent care the most?

    A. Families, especially on-the-go moms, and dads, who have children that get sick, all benefit from our convenient, quality urgent care model. We even treat senior citizens and work to ensure that their managing provider is up-to-date with our treatment of acute symptoms. Athletes and runners often use our urgent care because of our ability to care for sprains, dehydration, and other sports-related injuries in a fast manner.

  • Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

    A. In our urgent care centers no appointment is ever necessary, just walk in whenever is the most convenient for you. If your medical matter requires follow up by your primary care or by a specialist, we are efficient in setting those appointments for you.

  • Q. I can't afford health insurance right now. How much will it cost me to be seen?

     A. Our basic visit is $150.00. If you need more extension testing or treatment, additional fees may apply- due upon completion of visit.

  • Q. What kind of co-pay or deductible is required when I visit Immediate Care?

    A. You pay the same copay at our clinics as you would when visiting a primary care doctor. We do not charge emergency rooms fees because we are an office setting. Portions of your deductibles may be collected based on your insurance policy.

  • Q. I know I will be seen more quickly at Immediate Care but when should I go to the ER?

    A. At Immediate Care of the South, we take care of non-life threatening acute illnesses and injuries. We handle your injuries from sprains and scrapes to fractures and laceration repairs (stitches). If the medical issue involves serious blood loss, loss of consciousness, major burn, cardiac arrest, or major weapon wound we recommend you call 911 and request immediate emergency transport.

  • Q. Can I get Lab, EKG and X-Rays there?

    A. Yes, we have a state-of-the-art digital X-Ray. We are also able to do EKGs; they both read immediately. Unlike many Urgent Care facilities, we have a full in-house lab available for your convenience. We are able to do all of the following tests, in our lab: CBC, BMP, Cardiac enzymes, D-Dimer, Urinalysis, Pregnancy test, Strep test, Drug screen, Mono, Glucose, Electrolytes, Covid-Flu-RSV (1 swab)

  • Q. I got hurt on the job, can I be seen at Immediate Care for my injury?

    A. First things first, notify your immediate manager and follow protocol for work related injuries. We make every effort to help employers take care of employees.

  • Q. I hate waiting around to be seen. How can I avoid this?

    A. When you arrive, registration is done quickly through Phreesia. You will be sent a link to register on your phone or with our iPad.

  • Q. How will my regular provider get the information from my urgent care visit?

    A. You may advise us to send your chart to your primary care doctor and we will securely send it on the next business day.

  • Q. Can you fill my prescription?

    A. Our Providers will escribe your prescription to your pharmacy.

  • Q. What if my illness or injury requires specialized treatment?

    A. With over 50 years of combined medical and professional relationships among our doctors, we can help patients get fast, immediate treatment for follow-up to specialists in every field of both medicine and dentistry.

  • Q. Can I get a Physical there?

    A. Yes, we do Sports, School, and Employment physicals. We also offer DOTs.